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If you are on a month-to-month rental agreement and would like to move-out, you must submit a 30-days notice IN WRITING to the office.  You may print a notice form HERE or write/type your own and deliver it to the office in person.  This 30-day notice cancels your contract, if you are unable to obtain new housing, you are still obligated to comply with your notice and vacate the premises for incoming tenants.

Upon receipt of your written 30 days' notice, you will receive a move-out packet of important information mailed to you from the office.  Please review it thoroughly and contact the office with any questions.  It will include information on requesting a pre-move out inspection, unit cleaning requirements, and providing us with your new address so we can mail you your security deposit refund check.

This 30-day notice cancels your contract, if you are unable to obtain new housing, you are still obligated to comply with your notice and vacate the premises for incoming tenants.

Move Out FAQ

When will I receive my security deposit back?

California  statutes state that the landlord has 3 weeks (21 Days) to refund your security deposit. The 21 days begins when we receive your keys at the office.  To help expedite the refund, please fill out the forwarding address form provided to you in your move-out packet and return it to our office along with your keys. The security deposit refund check must legally be made payable to all tenants currently listed on the rental agreement.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Don’t forget to put in a change of address with the post office so your mail will get forwarded to your new address.  A link to the USPS website can be found HERE.

What items do I need to clean in my apartment?

You can review the move-out cleaning guidelines HERE.  You will also receive a copy of these in your move-out packet that is mailed to you.

Do I need the clean the carpets in my unit?

Per your rental agreement, professional carpet cleaning is required and the receipt for the carpet cleaning must be turned into the office to avoid an additional charge to your deposit for carpet cleaning.  It is your responsibility to ensure the office receives a copy of this receipt.  You may use any professional carpet cleaning company of your choosing as long as they have a professional truck mounted machine.  **BUDGET CARPET CLEANING IS NOT AN APPROVED VENDOR**

I have an animal in my unit, are there any additional cleaning requirements?

If you have an animal, per your agreement you must have the professional carpet cleaner perform an enzyme treatment to the carpet and additionally, you must flea bomb the unit.  The carpet cleaning receipt MUST note that an enzyme treatment has been done.  Please also turn in a receipt for the flea bombs upon move out to avoid being charged for flea bombing. **BUDGET CARPET CLEANING IS NOT AN APPROVED VENDOR*

How do I schedule a move-out inspection?

You have the right to request an "initial exit inspection" (pre-inspection) of your unit.  This inspection is to be conducted approximately 1-2 weeks prior to your move out date once some of your belongings have been moved out of the unit.  It is not necessary for you to have moved out all of your belongings and/or finished cleaning for this inspection to take place. The purpose of this inspection is for our maintenance department to walk-through the unit with you and to provide you with a list of any possible deductions to your security deposit so you have the duration of your tenancy in the unit to remedy them and avoid security deposit deductions.

You will receive more information on this inspection in your move-out packet.  Turn in the "initial exit inspection" request form to the office or contact us by phone to schedule an appointment. At least one tenant on the rental agreement is required to be home for your scheduled appointment. Missed appointments, or appointments not canceled by 9:00am on the day of the appointment will be charged a $25.00 missed appointment fee (while it is difficult to put an exact price on this cost, this is an estimate based on the costs of gas and lost staff time).

As our appointment schedule fills up quickly, please contact us as soon as possible to schedule.  This is your only opportunity for an inspection of the unit and it must be scheduled & completed prior to turning in your keys to the unit.